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5+ FREE Tools to Enhance Your Writing and Copywriting Skills

Being a writer or a copywriter requires a lot of skills and dedication. For most of them, using some tools is the best way they can continue learning the most advanced concepts of writing and at least help make your job a whole lot easier and more professional.

Known to be one of the most in-demand jobs today, the number of self-publishers and copywriters has gone far beyond many had imagined. But becoming a writer isn’t that simple due to the writing process itself (creation, edit, proofread, and publish), which is why begin using special copywriting tools would be helpful.

Here we propose the best online writing tools that can help increase efficiency and improve your skills.

1. www.grammarly.com

It is the tool that allows you to spot errors, correct them, and see alternate word choices. Proofread your content after writing it, Grammarly helps you do this without you spending too much of your time.
Using an advanced algorithm, Grammarly corrects all of the grammar or spelling mistakes, uses alternate words with a depurate use of punctuation.

2. www.copywritely.com

This tool was built entirely with copywriters in mind. Copywriters get the chance to put their write-ups into an error detection, proofreading, and content optimization system.

Copywritely features:


Not only does it proofread your work, but it also helps you enhance its readability.

Keyword Analysis

It shows you if the keyword has been overused.

Unique Content

The tool also allows users to view how unique their content is with an automatic grading system that rates the uniqueness level by a score from 0 – 100.

3. Plagiarism

It is one of the many things people try to avoid when coming up with content. After all, if a copywriter uses another writer’s work, they can be spotted quite easily. You should check these sites: www.copyscape.com, www.quetext.com, www.check-plagiarism.com, www.smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/, www.plagiarismdetector.net.

*We must especially mention www.courseforme.com who has made a compilation of the currently most popular free plagiarism checkers by testing them personally:

“They have totally plagiarized 30 random posts from sites all over the web and tested them on these free plagiarism checkers…”

The results have been really interesting…. you can check them here: www.courseforme.com 

4. www.readable.com

The readability of your content is essential to attract readers’ attention. Nobody will want to read content that’s hard to read. Readable offers writers a chance to view the readability level of their write-ups. This goes a long way in giving them a heads-up on how simple or complexes their content needs to be to get readers interested, checking their content by either direct input, by URL, or by referrer.

5. www.hemingwayapp.com

Hemingwayapp is a tool that allows you to see every part of a content that makes use of passive voices and adverbs that help you catch errors in your writing and to spot complicated statements in the content. This can help copywriters improve the readability of their write-ups and also boost their uniqueness level.

6. Royalty-free images

The best platforms to find royalty-free images that writers can use in their content: www.pixabay.com, www.unsplash.com, www.pexels.com,

7. Reverse Dictionary tools

It’s simply doing the reverse of what anyone would do with a dictionary. These tools have helped a lot of people improve their writing skills. Just type in a definition and they will be presented a list of words that match their definition: www.onelook.com, www.reversedictionary.org, www.wordsmyth.net.

8. www.thesaurus.com

This tool help boosts our English vocabulary and finds the precise words that we are looking for to make our sentences stand out, replacing common words in content with synonyms and antonyms and a chance to avoid repeating common words throughout the content.

9. www.deepl.com

The best machine translation. DeepL trains AI -artificial intelligence- Assistance for Language to

understand and translate texts.